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Inflatable Testing by PiPA

9 August 2017  

My last post gave an overview of how the ADIPs testing scheme works for amusement devices. However, there is a similar testing scheme for the inflatable play industry called PiPA. Inflatables Slides, Bouncy Castles ect can be tested by ADIPs testers, but PiPA testers specialize in just inflatables, with many of the testers being manufactures of play equipment.   “The text below is taken from the PiPA web site” Is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that children’s inflatable play equipment conforms to recognised […]

Ride Testing Explained, part 1.

5 May 2017  

This is the first of a series of short blogs I am doing to inform people of the procedures involved in testing Rides and Attractions at Fun Fairs and Amusement Parks. ADIPS: The industry standard ADIPS, is short for Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme. This is the national scheme for inspection and certification of Fun Fair and Amusement devices (Rides & Attractions) for Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks. ADIPS is managed and administered by the Amusement Device Safety Council which is made up of representatives from all major industry trade associations. It […]

The new season kicks off

21 February 2017  

Historically, Fairs never used to start until March with the advent of milder Spring weather and the nights drawing out. The exception has always been Kings Lynn Mart Fair, the Charter marking the Valentine’s Day Fair was granted by Henry VIII in 1537. This ancient Fair is held over two weeks on the Tuesday Market Place and has always been the first major Fair of the year. However, many Fairs are now held in February over the half term break if a hard standing venue is available. This is essential as any parks […]

New web site launched

14 June 2016  

Welcome to our new web site 🙂 Our old web site has needed replacing for a while. The program used to create it was out of date and so the site had not been updated for a long time. We looked at having a new web site built two years ago, but to cater for the rise in smart phone and tablet usage, it seemed we would need two sites. This was just too much expense and work for us. Since then I have learnt about the arrival of good […]