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What can cause a Ride to stop?

10 October 2019

You may have seen or read about modern high tech rides stopped in mid flight. Often with the head line, Ride Broke Down and Passengers Stranded! Why do we see this more, and what causes a Ride to stop? Rides […]

Ride NDT Testing (part 2) explained

2 March 2019

Non destructive testing (NDT), know in the business as crack testing, is the process of testing for defects without damaging the components. It is a critical part of inspection to check all structural ride parts, i.e. pins, bolts, welds and corrosion. […]

Inflatable Testing by PiPA

9 August 2017

My last post gave an overview of how the ADIPs testing scheme works for amusement devices. However, there is a similar testing scheme for the inflatable play industry called PiPA. Inflatables Slides, Bouncy Castles ect can be tested by ADIPs […]

Ride Testing Explained, part 1.

5 May 2017

This is the first of a series of short blogs I am doing to inform people of the procedures involved in testing Rides and Attractions at Fun Fairs and Amusement Parks. ADIPS: The industry standard ADIPS, is short for Amusement Device […]

The new season kicks off

21 February 2017

Historically, Fairs never used to start until March with the advent of milder Spring weather and the nights drawing out. The exception has always been Kings Lynn Mart Fair, the Charter marking the Valentine’s Day Fair was granted by Henry VIII in 1537. […]

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