The new season kicks off

21 February 2017

Historically, Fairs never used to start until March with the advent of milder Spring weather and the nights drawing out. The exception has always been Kings Lynn Mart Fair, the Charter marking the Valentine’s Day Fair was granted by Henry VIII in 1537. This ancient Fair is held over two weeks on the Tuesday Market Place and has always been the first major Fair of the year.

Official opening of Kings Lynn Mart Fair in days gone by

However, many Fairs are now held in February over the half term break if a hard standing venue is available. This is essential as any parks are to soft to use until Easter.

Our Extreme Ride has the pleasure of starting the season in South Wales with Denzil Danters Fun Fair    @Cwmbran, then Newport Stadium, Cardiff Stadium before Easter @Pontypridd Ysangharad War Memorial Park. Check out Denzil’s FB page for more information on these Fairs and competitions to win free ride tickets. You can also follow our @ExtremeRideUK on Twitter and Instagram where we post about venues we are attending, updates and fun stuff. Well it is social media😉

Denzil Danter’s Fun Fair @Cwmbran

Check out the Events page

“All the details and information you need when planning your visit to the Fun Fair or Festival”

The Danter family run a lot of Fun Fairs, however, due to the quality and presentation of our rides, we get asked to attend many Fairs and Festivals through out the country. We are very pleased with our events page, our aim with it is to help promote any event we may be attending, adding all the information below.

  • Event name
  • Details of Showman, Council, or Event Company runnng the event
  • Links to web sites and FB pages for more information
  • Venue location pin pointed on Google maps
  • Opening-Closing times and dates
  • History of Event or Festival
  • Gallery of pictures from previous events

We look forward to seeing you at the Fair😉


Posted by William Danter on 21 February 2017

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