Ride Testing Explained, part 1.

5 May 2017

This is the first of a series of short blogs I am doing to inform people of the procedures involved in testing Rides and Attractions at Fun Fairs and Amusement Parks.

ADIPS: The industry standard

ADIPS, is short for Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme. This is the national scheme for inspection and certification of Fun Fair and Amusement devices (Rides & Attractions) for Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks.

ADIPS is managed and administered by the Amusement Device Safety Council which is made up of representatives from all major industry trade associations. It is operated by ADIPS Ltd, a not for profit company. Any trading surplus generated by ADIPS Ltd is reinvested into ADIPS to improve its services, or the industry to improve health and safety standards.

Who can test Rides and Attractions

Only qualified and approved engineers that are registered with ADIPS are allowed to issue ADIPS Declarations of Operational Compliance (DOCs) and reports and only registered rides can display the ADIPS device tag showing its unique ADIPS ID Number.

You can be confident that any DOC bearing the ADIPS mark confirms that the required inspections have been carried out by an experienced and qualified inspector and deemed safe to operate.

ADIPS inspections

The annual testing is carried out by registered inspection bodies whose capability to perform competent and independent inspection is assessed and monitored on an ongoing basis.

ADIPS certification is known as a Declaration of Operational Compliance. Referred to in the industry, as the DOC.

“Only following the satisfactory completion of ADIPS inspections are amusement devices certified as safe to operate”

  1. Pre use: All modern Rides/Attractions have a design review. This is to check the adequacy of a design specification and any safety-critical modifications. Appraisal of a design to check the adequacy of a design specification and the validity of the assumptions on which it is based. Older Vintage attractions have a maturity risk assessment to a design that has been proven over time.
  2. Manufacture: The Ride/Attraction is checked to confirm that it is manufactured and constructed to the reviewed design specification.
  3. Initial Test: A test or series of tests to check that the device operates safely in accordance with the reviewed design specification and the instructions in the operations manual. This test should be carried out by, or on behalf of, the manufacturer, supplier or importer.
  4. Provision of an operations manual: Provision of adequate operators manual required for the safe operation and maintenance of the device.
  5. Device operation: Carried out by competent persons, suitably trained in normal operation and emergency procedures and in accordance with the operations manual and risk assessment.
  6. Ongoing device integrity: By a series of checks, maintenance and inspection carried out by competent persons and logged in the ride Log Book.
  7. Maintenance: The procedures carried out by competent persons necessary to ensure that a device is kept in an efficient state, efficient working order and in good repair and all logged in the ride Log Book.
  8. Daily checks: Carried out by competent persons before the device is opened for use and logged in the ride Log Book.
  9. Periodic check: Carried out by competent persons in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and any additional requirements required by modifications to the device, and/or the findings of the design review or risk assessment and logged in the ride Log Book.
  10. In service annual inspection: Annual inspection by ADIPS registered  inspection bodies who decide whether an amusement device may continue to be operated and a new DOC issued.


 What is the ADIPS ID No:


All registered amusement attractions have an ADIPS ID No badge (Tag). These are normally stuck on the control box or pay booth where they are secure and can be viewed.

How to Check a DOC

HSE officers, Event managers, and Councils can easily check all Ride/Attraction DOCs on the ADIPS website with either the DOC or ADIPs ID No’s.

This shows when the test expires, device name, number and photo at the time of test so the DOC can not be used on another attraction.

About ADIPS – Animation

“A DOC only guarantees the Ride was safe to operate at the time of inspection. It is the responsibility of the ride operator to operate and maintain it properly between inspections’

Luke Ditchburn , general manager ADIPs

We hope you have found this blog informative and you appreciate the procedures and work involved in keeping Fun Fairs and Amusement Parks safe.

For more information visit the ADIPS and HSE web sites.

Check back soon for Blogs covering, NDT Testing 2, Ride Test 3, Daily /Weekly Checks 4 and much more.

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Posted by William Danter on 5 May 2017

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