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Brecon May Fair

Brecon May Fair is held annually on the early May Bank Holiday Monday & the following Tuesday.

“The Extreme Ride will being making its May Fair premiere”

Opening times & date

  • Monday 1 May from 12 noon
  • Tuesday 2 May from 12 noon

Traditional Children’s Chair o Planes

Holmes Waltzer has been attending the May Fair for two generations. Continually being updated and refurbished to keep it up to date and always popular with the crowds.

Brecon May Fair map

The Fair is presented by the South Wales Showmans Guild.



Hereford May Fair

Hereford May Fair takes place on the first Tuesday (2) to Thursday (4) May following the Spring Bank Holiday Monday.

“Each year, thousands flock to the city centre to enjoy the festival atmosphere, heart-stopping rides, side shows, food stalls, a myriad of entertainment and ancient ceremonies all of which make up the street extravaganza which is Hereford’s 900 year old May Fair.”

The May Fair is run by The South Wales Section of the Showmans Guild of Great Britain in conjunction with Hereford Council.

Abie Danter, chairman of the South Wales and Northern Ireland Section of The Showman’s Guild, said: “Once again we are proud to present Hereford’s annual May Fair, arriving on bank holiday Monday 1 May, when we start setting up at 6pm.

“A warm welcome awaits you when you join us at this historic and impressive traditional fun fair. Showmen from all over the UK will provide excitement, fun and laughter from riding the heart-stopping white knuckle rides to bumper to bumper fun and not forgetting the thrills of the children and traditional rides. From rides to stalls we have it all!”


Opening times:

  • Tuesday 3.45pm to 11pm
  • Wednesday 12 noon to 11pm
  • Thursday 12 noon to 11pm

These are the times between which attractions are allowed to operate. Not all rides will necessarily be open at all times. All attractions are open from 4pm to 10pm

An Historic Fair

Why does the Fair not open on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday?

The May Fair (St Ethelbert’s Fair) has been taking place on an annual basis since 1121 when King Henry 1 granted Bishop Richard rights to hold a nine day fair in Hereford city. This was reduced to three days in 1838 by an Act of Parliament.  The Spring Bank Holiday on the first Monday in May was not brought in until 1978.


Map of the Fair


Abergavenny May Fair

Abergavenny May Fair is held on FairField Car Park from Saturday 6 until Saturday 13 May and run by  Deakins Fun Fair.

“Twice a year the fair comes to Abergavenny and takes over the Fairfield car-park. A tradition dating back centuries”

Opening Times

  • Saturday 6 from 2pm
  • Sunday 7 CLOSED
  • Monday 8 from 6pm
  • Tuesday 9 from 6pm
  • Wednesday 10 from 6pm
  • Thursday 11pm from 5pm
  • Friday 12 from 6pm
  • Saturday 13 from 2pm

The car park is called “Fairfield” as Deakins have presented their Fun Fair here for generations. The field used to get a bit soft at the gate, so the Showman had to put stones down. People started parking cars on this part of the field, in time, it was developed in to a car park.


Rowell (Rothwell) Charter Fair

Will be held from Saturday 10 to Saturday 17 June this year. The fair is officially opened on the first Monday after Trinity Sunday each year by the Proclamation, which in 2017 will take place on Monday 12 June, at 6am.

“The granting of the charter is celebrated annually by the Rowell Fair and much merriment”

The Fair is run by the Bailiff to the Lord of the Manor, assisted by the Rowell Fair Society in co-operation with the Showman’s Guild of Great Britain.

Opening times

  • Weekdays from 6pm
  • Weekends from 2pm
  • Sunday opening follows the Blessing of the Fair
  • The Sunday Fairground model show is held in the Tresham Hall, opposite the Waltzer and the Fairground Association of Great Britain are holding their A.G.M. AT THE Arts and Heritage Centre.

Trinity Sunday is the Sunday following Pentecost, and eight weeks after Easter Sunday so Rowell Fair is always held eight weeks after Easter.

Reading of the Proclamation

Starting at 6am at the west door of Holy Trinity church, the bailiff of the Lord of the Manor rides through the town accompanied by a guard of halberdiers and the Rowell Fair Society Band. At each public house he pauses to read aloud the charter. At the conclusion of each reading the crowd cheers “God save the Queen and the Lord of the Manor” and the band plays the National Anthem. The proprietor of the public house then serves the bailiff and his guards with drinks including the traditional Rowell Fair rum and milk. The local townspeople then attempt to disarm the halberdiers before the party moves on to the next public house.

Pubs in the town traditionally remain open after the proclamation, and so much merriment is to be had all through the morning.

The King John Charter granted in 1204


“John, by the grace of God King, be it known that we have granted, and by this our present charter do confirm to our beloved and faithful Richard – Earl of Clare and his heirs that they may have their market of Rowell on Monday, with all the liberties and free customs to that market belonging as it was formerly [held] on Sunday, so that nevertheless it be not the hurt of neighbouring markets. Besides which we grant and by this our charter we have confirmed to the same Earl Richard and his heirs, that they may have yearly, a fair at Rowell at the feast of the Holy Trinity for and during the five days, that is to say on the eve of the Holy Trinity and on that day and on three following days, so nevertheless that such fair will not be to the hurt of neighbouring fairs. Wherefore we will and firmly declare that the aforesaid Earl Richard and his heirs may and hold the aforesaid market and the aforesaid fair of us and our heirs in perpetuity well and in peace, freely and quietly, rightly, fully and with honour, with all the liberties and free customs as aforesaid. Witness the Lord H. Archbishop of Canterbury, J Norwich and W. London Bishops etc. Given at Westminster the 26th day of January, in the fifth year”




Bournville Village Festival

Bournville Village Festival is held on the beautiful Cadburys Chocolate Factory Recreation Ground. With the classic architecture of the Crick  Club over looking the event, May Pole Dancing, Craft Stalls, Food Stalls, Family Fun Fair & Games. The festival has a lovely atmosphere.

“A great family day out with a fantastic fire work display at the end of the night”

The famous Bournville Festival Maypole Dance.

The famous Bournville Festival Maypole Dance.

The Festival is run by Bournville Council and opens from 1:30pm through to 11pm on Saturday 25 June.

There are many attractions, including:

  • Craft Market
  • Side Stalls
  • Flower & Craft Show
  • Traditional Maypole Dancing
  • Family Fun Fair
  • Grand Firework display

Few pictures from 2016:)

Traditional Ferris Wheel

Traditional Ferris Wheel

Cadburys layout


Montpellier Gardens Summer Fun Fair

Danter’s Fun Fair will be visiting the beautiful Montpellier Gardens from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 July

“The Summer Fun Fair has been visting Montpellier Gardens for over 50 years. Making it Cheltenham’s oldest Fair”

Opening times

  • Thursday from 5 – 10:30 pm
  • Friday from       5 – 10:30 pm
  • Saturday from  12 noon – 10:30 pm
  • Sunday from     12 noon – 10 pm

Travelling to the Montpellier Gardens GL50 1UZ

By Bus

Montpellier Gardens is located on a number of main bus routes into Cheltenham. There are bus stops on the main road (A4015) oppresite the Rotunda at the main entrance to the gardens, and another on Montpellier Terrace.

Useful links: Stagecoach services and Local bus services

By Road

The gardens have two formal entrances on Montpellier Walk. The gardens are also accessible from Montpellier Spa Road and Montpellier Terrace. No car parking facilities are available within the gardens, but onstreet parking is available on the surrounding roads.

Cheltenham Park & Ride services information to the town centre here. Please note, these only run in the day time.


Dodgem circa 1970

Dodgem at Montpellier Gardens circa 1970



The Big Cheese Festival Caerphilly

Set in the shadows of one of Europe’s largest Castles the town of Caerphilly comes to life as people of all ages come to The Big Cheese®, an extravaganza of street entertainers, living history encampments, music, dance, traditional funfair, folk dancing, falconry, fire eating, minstrels, troubadours and much more 😉

“The Big Cheese is a ‘must see’ attraction for all visitors and 2017 marks its 20th anniversary. Portraying the history, heritage and culture of Caerphilly. Families from all over the country flocked to Caerphilly to experience this fun filled programme of activities and entertainment”

The Big Cheese weekend is a FREE event and over 80,000 people are expected in 2016. This great event is run by Caerphilly Council with the Fun Fair being run by Sayers Amusements.

The Danter family have the pleasure of attending this great event with a number of attractions. The Extreme Ride debuted here when new in 2010, being delivered straight from the factory. It is one of South Wales Permier Fairs now and as such, attracts the top attractions.

Opening times

  • Friday 28th 3pm-10pm – The Great Cheese Race (6.30pm start), music entertainment programme (6pm – 10pm), funfair (3pm – 10pm) and Firework display (10.00pm)
  • Sat 29th & Sun 3oth from 11am – The Big Cheese Entertainment programme includes: The Reenactment displays, musical entertainment, educational activities, two food halls, craft stalls, animal marquees, traditional funfair plus lots more.
  • Please see your Caerphilly Council web site for full details.

The Big Cheese 2016 video review


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Big Cheese site map


Lakefest 2017

“We consider you all to be royalty, so we invite you to join us for our sixth year of musical magic at Eastnor Castle, complete with lakes and simply stunning surroundings”

More information

Lakefest official web site


Link to Lakefest web site for tickets here




Pride Cymru Big Weekend

Cardiff’s Big Weekend is coming back😉 Organisers Pride Cymru and Sayers Amusements say:

“The Pride Big Weekend will be a mix of the usual Pride celebrations and the return of the much missed Big Weekend. Pride Cymru will host the three-day celebration in the heart of Cardiff over 2017’s August Bank Holiday weekend, 25-27”


Pride Cymru Parade

Returns to the streets of Cardiff in 2017 on Saturday 26 August.

“An immersive and visually spectacular annual celebration of equality and diversity achievements and community support”

2017’s Pride Cymru Parade will present homage to the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Sexual Offences Act in July 1967, which partially decriminalised homosexuality in England and Wales. The theme of the parade this year will be ‘Icons and legends’ – be that of the LGBT community, the capital or even Wales.

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The Great Dorset Steam Fair

The Nation Heritage Show is being held over the Bank Holiday weekend this year from Thursday 24 to Monday 28 August 2017.

“If you’re looking for an excellent fun and action packed weekend for all the family, you’ll love the Great Dorset Steam Fair. The spectacle covers an enormous showground, at over 600 acre”


Video from 2016

The Danter family have the pleasure of attending this great event with a number of attractions, with our Extreme Ride making its debut this year.

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The Great Neath Fair

Run by the South Wales Showmans Guild.

“September once again sees Neath’s famous Fair, Wales’ largest and oldest chartered fair, open to the public. Neath comes alive during the five-day festival each year as thousands flock into the town to enjoy the atmosphere. As entry to the fair is totally free, anyone can come along and enjoy themselves at an event recognised as the fourth largest Chartered Street Trading Fair in the UK”


The Fair is made up of 3 main events:

Fun Fair

  • 12-16 September
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday open from 6pm until 10pm
  • Friday from 4pm until 10pm
  • Saturday from noon until 10pm

Street Fair

Located in the main streets of Neath Town centre:

  • Wednesday 13th September to Saturday 16th September
  • Open from 9am until late.

Horse Fair

Situated at the Cattle Market on The Green:

  • Thursday 14th September 2016, from 8:300am until 2pm (one day only)

More information

  • Visit Neath & Port Talbot council web site for more information regarding parking, road closures ect

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Neath Fair



The 407th Tewkesbury Mop Fair

The famous Tewkesbury Mop Fair is held on the 9 and 10 October. The Fair dates falling on a Monday and Tuesday this year.

“Gloucestershires Biggest and Best Street Fair”

The Mop Fair is set up in Barton Street from the Cross to the junction of  Chance Street, Nelson Street through to Oldbury Road, East Street and the main nucleus of the Fair built up in Spring Gardens.


Fun Fair opening times

  • Monday 4pm until 11pm
  • Tuesday 4pm until 11pm

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How the Mop Fair got its name

Farm workers, labourers, servants and some craftsmen would work for their employer from October to October. At the end of the employment they would attend the Mop Fair dressed in their Sunday best clothes and carrying an item signifying their trade. A servant with no particular skills would carry a mop head – hence the phrase Mop Fair.
Employers would move amongst them discussing experience and terms, once agreement was reached the employer would give the employee a small token of money and the employee would remove the item signifying their trade and wear bright ribbons to indicate they had been hired. They would then spend the token amongst the stalls set-up at the fair which would be selling food and drink and offering games to play and riding attractions as they developed.
Michaelmas Day is celebrated on the 29th September but Mop Fairs were tied to the seasons and the harvest, not the calendar. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752 and 11 days dropped from that year events associated with the end of the harvest moved 11 days later to the 10th October. This date is known as “Old Michaelmas Day” and since 1752 has been the date Mop Fairs take place.


TFS logo

Tewkesbury Fair Society

Formed in 1989, the Tewkesbury Fair Society aims to promote and preserve Tewkesbury Mop Fair. The largest street fair in Gloucestershire and one of the oldest fairs in the country with the earliest records so far dating the origins of the fair to the 12th century.

The Society have presented additional traditional attractions at the fair since its formation, be it fairground organs, dancers or showmen’s engines. The most famous and fondly remembered to date being the attendance of the late Jack Wharton’s “Supreme” in 1993. This was indeed the last notable appearance of the engine, reunited with the Deakin family’s equipment, the original owners of “The Finest Engine Built”, last seen together at the Mop fair in 1938.

Web site:


Highworth Mop Fair

The annual Mop Fair falls the week of Tuesday 17 until Friday 20 October this year.

“This historic Mop Fair has been held in the Market place since 1262”

Mop Fair Opening Times

  • Tuesday from 6pm
  • Wednesday from 6pm
  • Thursday from 6pm
  • Friday from 6pm