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Alcester Mop

Presented by Joseph Danter & Steven Fullwood, the annual Mop Fair is always held on the first Monday & Tuesday in October, this year falling on the 1st & 2nd.

“The High Bailiff will read the proclomation allowing the Mop to take place on the first Tuesday in October (at 4pm), as it has been read every year for over 700 years.”

Opening Times

  • Monday 4pm until 10pm October 1
  • Tuesday 4pm until 10pm October 2

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The Twister Ride at Alcester Mop

The Mayor’s party even ride the Extreme👍

The Fair runs the length of the High Street, Church Street & Henley Street

Alcester Mop Fair map


Evesham Mop

Presented by Edward Danter Snr returns to the Streets of Evesham from Thursday 4 to the 6 October.

The official opening of the 2017 Evesham Mop Fair

“This year’s Mop Fair will be the second since the closure of the Old Brewery Car Park, previoulsy the primary location for the Mop Fair.  Its closure meant that the Council had to find a new location for the fair.”

“Last year, the Council in conjunction with the Police, the H&W Fire Authority, Worcestershire County Council and Wychavon District Council  and Edward Danter devised a new plan for the fair which incorporated much of Vine Street and the High Street.  This plan is to be repeated for the 2018 Mop Fair.”

Full details of the Mop Fair & traffic plans can be found here at Evesham Council

Lee Danter’s impressive Star Flyer in full flight

Link to History of the Mop Fair


The 408th Tewkesbury Mop Fair

Presented by James Danter, the Mop Fair is held on the 9 and 10 October, falling on a Tuesday and Wednesday this year.

“Gloucestershires Biggest and Best Street Fair”

The Mop Fair is set up in Barton Street from the Cross to the junction of  Chance Street, Nelson Street through to Oldbury Road, East Street and the main nucleus of the Fair built up in Spring Gardens.


Fun Fair opening times

  • Tuesday 4pm until 11pm
  • Wednesday 4pm until 11pm

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How the Mop Fair got its name

Farm workers, labourers, servants and some craftsmen would work for their employer from October to October. At the end of the employment they would attend the Mop Fair dressed in their Sunday best clothes and carrying an item signifying their trade. A servant with no particular skills would carry a mop head – hence the phrase Mop Fair.
Employers would move amongst them discussing experience and terms, once agreement was reached the employer would give the employee a small token of money and the employee would remove the item signifying their trade and wear bright ribbons to indicate they had been hired. They would then spend the token amongst the stalls set-up at the fair which would be selling food and drink and offering games to play and riding attractions as they developed.
Michaelmas Day is celebrated on the 29th September but Mop Fairs were tied to the seasons and the harvest, not the calendar. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752 and 11 days dropped from that year events associated with the end of the harvest moved 11 days later to the 10th October. This date is known as “Old Michaelmas Day” and since 1752 has been the date Mop Fairs take place.


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Tewkesbury Fair Society

Formed in 1989, the Tewkesbury Fair Society aims to promote and preserve Tewkesbury Mop Fair. The largest street fair in Gloucestershire and one of the oldest fairs in the country with the earliest records so far dating the origins of the fair to the 12th century.

The Society have presented additional traditional attractions at the fair since its formation, be it fairground organs, dancers or showmen’s engines. The most famous and fondly remembered to date being the attendance of the late Jack Wharton’s “Supreme” in 1993. This was indeed the last notable appearance of the engine, reunited with the Deakin family’s equipment, the original owners of “The Finest Engine Built”, last seen together at the Mop fair in 1938.

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Winchcombe 2nd Mop

It may be one of the smallest Mop Fairs, but then that allows time to visit the inns, restaurants, tea rooms, and shops set among Winchcombe’s three main streets that are full of the character of times past. You also have the historic Sudley Castle to visit as well.

“The Mop Fairs have been held in this ancient Anglo Saxon town of Winchcombe on Abbey Terrace for 100s of years”

Fun Fair opening times

  • Friday 12 from 5pm
  • Saturday 13 from 2pm