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Caldicot Fun Fair

Billy Danter’s Fun Fair presented by James Danter returns to Caldicot RFC.

”This will be Caldicot’s Biggest & Best Fun Fair for many years”

Opening Times

Friday 22 March from 4pm until 9pm
Saturday 23 March from 12 noon until 9pm
Sunday 24 March from 12 noon until 7pm

“Special Daily Deal! All Children Ride just £1. Adult Rides just £2 per person”


Caldicot Fun Fair poster 2019

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Leominster May Fair

Leominster May Fair will run from Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 May.

Run by Abie Morris Fun Fairs in conjunction with Leominster Town Council.

The Mayor of Leominster opening the Fair with Abie Morris

The Fair fills Corn Square, Corn Street, Victoria Street and Broad Street.

Opening Times:

  • Thursday 4pm until 10:30pm
  • Friday 4pm until 10:30pm
  • Saturday from noon until 10:30pm

Brecon May Fair

Brecon May Fair presented by the South Wales Showmans Guild is held annually on the first Monday or Tuesday in May.

More details coming soon.

Opening times & dates

  • Monday 30 April from 12 noon
  • Tuesday 1 May from 2pm

Traditional Children’s Chair o Planes

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Brecon May Fair map

The Fair is presented by the South Wales Showmans Guild.



Hereford May Fair

Hereford May Fair presented by the South Wales Showmans Guild takes place on the first Tuesday (7) to Thursday (9) May following the Spring Bank Holiday Monday.

“Each year, thousands flock to the city centre to enjoy the festival atmosphere, heart-stopping rides, side shows, food stalls, a myriad of entertainment and ancient ceremonies all of which make up the street extravaganza which is Hereford’s 900 year old May Fair.”

The May Fair is run by The South Wales Section of the Showmans Guild of Great Britain in conjunction with Hereford Council.

Abie Danter, chairman of the South Wales and Northern Ireland Section of The Showman’s Guild, said: “Once again we are proud to present Hereford’s annual May Fair, arriving on bank holiday Monday 1 May, when we start setting up at 6pm.

“A warm welcome awaits you when you join us at this historic and impressive traditional fun fair. Showmen from all over the UK will provide excitement, fun and laughter from riding the heart-stopping white knuckle rides to bumper to bumper fun and not forgetting the thrills of the children and traditional rides. From rides to stalls we have it all!”


Opening times:

  • Tuesday 3.45pm to 11pm
  • Wednesday 12 noon to 11pm
  • Thursday 12 noon to 11pm

These are the times between which attractions are allowed to operate. Not all rides will necessarily be open at all times. All attractions are open from 4pm to 10pm

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An Historic Fair

Why does the Fair not open on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday?

The May Fair (St Ethelbert’s Fair) has been taking place on an annual basis since 1121 when King Henry 1 granted Bishop Richard rights to hold a nine day fair in Hereford city. This was reduced to three days in 1838 by an Act of Parliament.  The Spring Bank Holiday on the first Monday in May was not brought in until 1978.


Map of the Fair


Abergavenny May Fair

Abergavenny May Fair presented by Deakin’s Fun Fair is held on the FairField Car Park from Saturday  11 until Saturday 18 May.

“Twice a year the fair comes to Abergavenny and takes over the Fairfield car-park. A tradition dating back many decades”

Opening Times (May 11-18)

  • Saturday from 2pm
  • Sunday CLOSED
  • Monday from 6pm
  • Tuesday  from 6pm
  • Wednesday from 6pm
  • Thursday from 5pm Reduced Price Night
  • Friday from 6pm
  • Saturday from 2pm

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The car park is called “Fairfield” as Deakins have presented their Fun Fair here for generations. The field used to get a bit soft at the gate, so the Showman had to put stones down. People started parking cars on this part of the field, in time, it was developed in to a car park.


Bournville Village Festival

Bournville Village Festival is held on the beautiful Cadburys Chocolate Factory Recreation Ground. With the classic architecture of the Crick  Club over looking the event, May Pole Dancing, Craft Stalls, Food Stalls, Family Fun Fair & Games. The festival has a lovely atmosphere.

“A great family day out with a fantastic fire work display at the end of the night”

The Famous Bourneville May Pole Dance

The Festival is run by Bournville Council and opens from 1:30pm through to 11pm on Saturday 29 June.

There are many attractions, including:

  • Craft Market
  • Side Stalls
  • Flower & Craft Show
  • Traditional Maypole Dancing
  • Family Fun Fair
  • Grand Firework display

Few pictures from 2016:)

Traditional Ferris Wheel

Traditional Ferris Wheel

Cadburys layout


The Big Cheese Festival Caerphilly

Set in the shadows of Caerphilly Castle, the second largest Castle in Britain, The Big Cheese festival brings together local and regional Welsh food & drink producers in one of the largest travelling food halls in the country. With a dedicated cheese market featuring quality cheese producers from all over the country.

“The Big Cheese is a FREE event. Opening Friday evening 26th July from 3pm until our spectacular fireworks finale at 10pm. A full programme starts at 11am on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July. (Stalls and Food Halls are open Saturday and Sunday only)”

“Entertainment is the life and soul of the festival with live music acts, choirs and dancers. Caerphilly Castle is transformed into a medieval encampment with re-enactment displays and battles.”

“Visit our huge traditional funfair and craft stalls lining the Castle’s moat. Children’s activities are plentiful with animal encounters, crafts, displays and much more.”

This great event is run by Caerphilly Council with the Fun Fair being run by Sayers Amusements.

The Danter family have the pleasure of attending this great event with a number of attractions. The Extreme Ride debuted here when new in 2010, being delivered straight from the factory. It is one of South Wales Permier Fairs now and as such, attracts the top attractions.

Opening times

  • Friday 26th 3pm-10pm – The Great Cheese Race (6.30pm start), music entertainment programme (6pm – 10pm), funfair (3pm – 10pm) and Firework display (10.00pm)
  • Sat 27th & Sun 28th from 11am – The Big Cheese Entertainment programme includes: The Reenactment displays, musical entertainment, educational activities, two food halls, craft stalls, animal marquees, traditional funfair plus lots more.
  • Please see your Caerphilly Council web site for full details.

The Big Cheese 2016 video review


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