New web site launched

14 June 2016

Welcome to our new web site 🙂

Our old web site has needed replacing for a while. The program used to create it was out of date and so the site had not been updated for a long time. We looked at having a new web site built two years ago, but to cater for the rise in smart phone and tablet usage, it seemed we would need two sites. This was just too much expense and work for us. Since then I have learnt about the arrival of good responsive web building sites and programs, which were just what we needed.

I decided we needed a proper web site designer to build and code the structure of our site, allowing me to just create and update pages and content. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar will be my mistakes I am afraid…

After a few meetings and talks with different companies, we decided to go with a local up and coming web designer in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. In this connected age, it was not essential to have a local company, but it’s always been our policy to spend locally, helping the enconomy,  building connections and friends.

A responsive web site works on all devices

A responsive web site works on all devices

We already knew what we wanted from our new website as I had been planning this for a while:

  • A fully responsive site
  • Easily updated with fresh and interesting content
  • Promote our Fun Fair for Fetes, Festivals, Fairs, Private Hire Events & Parties
  • Events calendar page with details of upcoming events that can be saved to calendars
  • Detailed attraction pages to showcase and inform customers & clients
  • Links to some of our social media so adding fresh content
  • Blog page

Why blog?

Over the last few years I have noticed quite a bit of media coverage on our industry, often unfavourable. When people read of incidents or accidents, there is very little information out there showing how much work professional showman put into operating rides. Most Fun Fairs are a collection of family run businesses who are members of the Showmans Guild of Great Britain. The trouble is not enough PR is being done to assure our customers and clients or to showcase the business.

Big business, polictal parties and celebratiets get mauled by the media, even though they have PR teams to train, defend and promote them. With the rise of social media, all it takes is a photo and a quote taken out of content to turn the tables completely.

There is a lot of truth in the saying:

“a little information is dangerous”

So how can a small business make any difference?

After quite a bit of thought, I realised that blogging and video blogs would be great for this. Taking the time to blog about the work involved, safety procedures and design of rides as well as fun topics. This would be very informative and could be found and shared easily.

Future blog topics:

  • How do modern safety restraints & ride control systems work
  • How are rides tested & checked
  • New attractions
  • Industry news and thoughts

If you at interested in Fun Fairs, I hope you enjoy our new web site and please don’t forget to share posts you think are good:)

“I would like to thank Rob Tribe for the hard work he has put in to our new web site. Very pleased with it:)  Rob is a very creative and hard working young man who I recommend highly”

William Danter

Posted by William Danter on 14 June 2016

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