A classic favourite


Waltzers have been thrilling the UK public since the 1930s and been a major attraction ever since. Popular with families and teenagers alike with their high level of decor and night club atmosphere.

The first Waltzer was made by Lakins for Thurston’s in 1933, the ride then became strongly associated with the Scottish firm Maxwell and Sons of Musselburgh who built many of the classic Waltzers in the 70s you still see today.

The latest generation of Waltzers are built by FTS of Bristol.  These have kept the style of the Maxwell Waltzer, but developed on the modern construction style of the ARM Waltzer. They fold up on to one specialised artic, have a modern inverter drive system. The cars now are braked for loading and face out for ease of loading for the customers. With a modern ride control system, the Lap Bars are now locked down once the ride starts. The Danter family helped develop this new generation of Waltzer taking all the first orders.


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