Roundabout Cheltenham

Ideal for parties & small events


Roundabout Cheltenham is our smallest children’s ride and designed for primary school age children.
It operates mainly in Cheltenham high street, but is still available for events and parties.

  • Completely self sufficient with its own power supply, so no need to route and cover electric cables to a power point.
  • Has its own in built music system to enhance your event
  • Delivered by a regular van or pick up truck so can access most locations
  • Operated by fully trained staff
  • Makes this our most affordable and popular Roundabout for parties and small events


Technical details

Due to not having a power supply in Cheltenham high street for the Roundabout anymore. We have to use a generator to provide electricity. To keep operation environmentally  friendly and also cost effective, we replaced the old drive unit with a  modern inverter drive and all lighting with LED lights.

This investment lowered the Roundabouts power requirements from 4000 watt to 500 watt! Reducing the need for a large generator to a suit case size quiet running Honda EU10i 1000 watt generator.  The use of a large generator would not have been acceptable or cost effective in the high street.

“Yes this small generator can power Roundabout Cheltenham”

These improvements have been very beneficial in reducing ride hire costs and also freeing the Roundabout to be sited at events with out the need for cables to be run to power points or a large generator.

Updated Ride Control System

The Roundabout has the latest ride control system with the ride operator having a lanyard remote for total control.

If you'd like to book Roundabout Cheltenham for your event, we'd love to hear from you!

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