Ferris Wheel

See the Fair from the air

Ferris Wheel

Quick Facts

Capacity Per Ride:   36

Setup Time:   4-6

Space Required:   30f x 45f

Thrill Factor:   Medium


With the returning popularity of vintage and retro rides at Fairs and Festivals. James has purchased and refurbished a traditional Ferris Wheel so we can offer our clients this classic attraction with out the need to secure the booking from other companies.


The original Ferris Wheel was designed and built by George Ferris, hence the name, as a landmark attraction for the Chicago Worlds Colombian Exposition in 1893.

The original Chicago Ferris Wheel

“Originally the American answer to the Eiffel Tower, the summertime amusement became a hallmark of summer fun”

The traditional Ferris Wheels travelled in the UK are an American design  dating back to circa 1905. Originally designed and built by the Eli Bridge company of Jacksonville, Illinois. Other companies like Hayes Fabrications of London, who built ours in 1962, copied the basic design. With a height of 45 feet and 12 cars, this smaller and more portable design proved popular and affordable for UK Fairs.

Eli Bridge still build Ferris Wheels to this day and are also famous for designing the Scrambler Twist. This ride concept was redesigned and devoloped by London showman Perrin Stevens in to the Sizzler Twist you see at every UK Fun Fair.



Our Ferris Wheel History

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