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Buckle up for the ride of your life! The Extreme is a ride like no other that is guaranteed to thrill everyone.

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Billy Danter’s Fun Fair has been providing amusement attractions since the 1930s and are a family run business with four generations of experience.

Each of our rides and attractions are built to the very latest design and safety standards, and are presented and themed to an enviable standard.

Our unrivalled experience enables us to truly understand your entertainment requirements and to specifically tailor the amusement package we provide to you for your event, giving you a truly memorable and unique experience.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our attractions and the service we provide to all our customers, irrespective of how big or small your requirements are.


“Everything is managed in a professional manner with great attention to detail”

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“I can honestly say they are an absolute pleasure to deal with”

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Ride Hire

Looking to Hire a Ride or Attraction for a special event?

From fairs and festivals to weddings and private functions, we can provide attractions for events of all shapes and sizes.

We can provide rides and attractions for: Fairs, Festivals, University Summer Balls, Corporate Events, Company Fun Dairs, Private Parties, Weddings and much more.

Find the perfect attraction for your event:

"Always a pleasure to work with"

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30 September 2019

Alcester Mop

Presented by Joseph Danter & Steven Fullwood, the annual Mop Fair is always held on the first Monday or Tuesday in October, this year falling on the […]

3 October 2019

Evesham Mop

Presented by Edward Danter Snr returns to the Streets of Evesham from Thursday 3 to the 5 October. “This year’s Mop Fair will be the third since the […]

"Simply the best fun fair & ride provider around."

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Ride NDT Testing (part 2) explained

2 March 2019

Non destructive testing (NDT), know in the business as crack testing, is the process of testing for defects without damaging the components. It is a critical part of inspection to check all structural ride parts, i.e. pins, bolts, welds and corrosion. […]

Inflatable Testing by PiPA

9 August 2017

My last post gave an overview of how the ADIPs testing scheme works for amusement devices. However, there is a similar testing scheme for the inflatable play industry called PiPA. Inflatables Slides, Bouncy Castles ect can be tested by ADIPs […]

"Everything is managed in a professional and friendly manner with great attention to detail and fantastic service"

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