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Children have always loved slides. Modern inflatable slides have proved so popular that every Fair & Fete has one.  Our Circus Slide is always manned by a trained attendant who not only controls the children, but monitors the wind speed through out the day as well. See HSE section below.


Inflatable Health & Safety

Our slide was been built to meet all current HSE requirements and already has the recently updated tie down points.
We check the local weather forecast for wind speed for before opening and note this down in the daily log book. Wind speed is then monitored through out operating hours with a Anemometer at the venue. If it exceeds force 5 on the Beaufort scale (19-24mph) the slide is closed and let down.

We specified an anti jump net at the top of the slide and the run off area conforms to the correct length for the height of the slide. Run off matts are placed at the front with a fencing to keep everyone controlled.

A risk assessment is carried out for each venue, noting usual wind direction, ground conditions ect.

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